The Apple And The Tree

Nick Fradiani Jr.

Yes, well it has to do with what you are thinking and the case here is at home in Connecticut.I recently had the opportunity to hear two gentlemen playing together in a band at a restaurant function. The music was a little pop, rock, and blues influenced. The band was very tight, the vocals reservedly tense, they say the secret to power… knowing when to show it, and that is exactly what these guys demonstrate. When the music seemed to relax they let a little more of that power show through, right up till the very end when they let the whole thing bubble over, exhilarating to everyone within earshot.

After the set I wanted to offer my appreciation for their efforts, and that’s when it hit me. I know one of these guys…none other than Nick Fradiani. Yes, that Nick Fradiani, keyboardist and founder of the well known Connecticut group Rhapsody and several others. What I didn’t know, on guitar with him, (wait for it), his son Nick Fradiani Jr. I immediately thought I have to sit with these guys and talk. What a cool thing father and son making great music together. But how did it all start?

Nick Fradiani Sr.

I found it all out chatting with father and son early one afternoon. Nick Sr. it turns out has always been a musician from way back in the day. Playing in the “rock” band much to his parents delight! Nonetheless, he was determined to play music and so he pursued his love of music. His career has taken him to clubs, restaurants, and cruise ships of all shapes and sizes and in as many different locales. Along the way he apparently found his soul mate and wife, who has shared or endured his love of music and all that goes with it. And, as life would have it they had kids, one of whom is Nick Jr. Yes, this is the apple part. However, it seemed despite an early display of musical talent (according to his dad) Jr. was after a career in sports which, fit dad’s ideals just fine. That is until a sports related injury in high school caused the younger Nick to reconsider his options. So it turned out that like his father this young man had a good head on his shoulders and finished college with a degree in history. His dad, after the kids arrived decided he needed something more that would allow him to be home with his family so he became a hair stylist and is now one of the more sought after instructors in his industry.

Now, father and son have their separate musical careers but can also be found together playing their version of original contemporary music and pop covers at many local establishments in the area. They both agree Nick Jr. has a nice edgier side to him. In all, I guess there is some truth to that old adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, I know one dad who is just happy with that.

Now if you want to hear these two, and I think you should, you will also want to have a little nibble while you’re there. As always, included, herein some of the venues serving up good eats from the kitchen while these talented artists serve up tasty notes from the stage.

The Nick Fradiani Band performs September 11th on the East Haven Green. He also appears at Waters Edge in Westbrook, Gusto’s in Milford, The Blue Cottage in Branford, and The Hawthorne Inn in Berlin. While his band Rhapsody performs every Friday at Testo’s in Bridgeport.

Nick Fradiani Jr. every Sunday is at Water’s Edge in Westbrook. He can be found at Eli’s on the Hill in Branford, Kelly’s on Crown Street in New Haven, Harbor Park in Middletown, and City Steam in Hartford.


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  1. Cynthia Holloway says:

    Saw the Autumn post. Great suggestions. I did one of your ideas. Rented a convertable and went for a ride. It was a fun day.

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