Snow in Connecticut! (the drought is over)

Well, it wasn’t really a drought it was spring then came summer then finally fall. Now that its winter again Snow is the word of everyday.  For instance did it snow last night? Will it snow today or tonight? Did they get good snow on the mountain? Yes, these are the questions  those of us with an affinity for the freezing white powdery stuff always ask. And, now the frenzy begins. Whether you are sledding, cross-country or downhill skiing, boarding, snow shoeing, or on snowmobiles it is time you dust off your sense of adventure and your equipment and get it on! 

 Yes, we all know we were hit with a pretty good storm. No, it was not record-breaking (not even close) but it did manage to get the blood pumping for some slippery excitement. I’ll spare you the boring details of the storm reported by every news channel in the area constantly for the past two days. It was if we had never seen snow before. While watching a special public address in NYC the questioned was asked (by a reporter) “I saw a plow that had become stuck, is this normal? What could have caused that to happen?” Really? Really? It’s because of the SNOW I wanted to yell. 

My apologies, I digress. What you really want to know is that Mount Southington,  Mohawk Mountain, and Ski Sundown are all open and ready for you to rip it up! C’mon times a wasting and you know the weatherman says it will be near 50 degrees and rainy come the weekend! report stated as of noon Monday they have 7 lifts open, 11 out of 14 trails open and skiing on a base of 22 – 27”.  Adult lift tickets are $52/$32 for full day or night skiing while juniors under 13 years old  are $42/$32. as of 8:15am Monday they are sporting 9 trails and 4 lifts for your skiing or boarding pleasure all atop a 27 to 31” base with a surface of packed powder! Adult tickets are $52/$45 day and evening while juniors (5-15yrs) are $44/$37. stated Monday they have 15 trails and 5 lifts filled with the slippery stuff of 35 to 55” base and their terrain park is open to boot! Lift tickets will run you $54/$35 for adults and $46/$31 for juniors and of course that’s for day and evening respectively.


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