Adventure, Music and the Newest and Youngest Fan

Each time a performer takes to the stage it is most often an adventure. Mind you adventure can be defined as an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. When performing to be sure the outcome in many cases is uncertain. Sure a musician, (such as myself) hopes for a display of appreciation normally through polite clapping for the effort made to entertain. However, there is a difference when your audience understands what it is you attempting to say musically and that, can come in many forms.

Such was the case last Thursday evening at Lorenzo’s of West Haven, CT. Taking the stage in a noisy room where people were socializing with friends and family over dinner or a cocktail. It seemed it was going to be difficult to blend in so that the music was present and comfortably audible but not overpowering.  It began nicely and after each song there was the show of appreciation. That is until Jeremiah walked up to the makeshift stage. You see he is four maybe five years old and he was enamored with the saxophone! There he stood frozen mesmerized by the shiny instrument and its sound.

It became clear that many people in the audience were aware of his presence too. To make his point (he was enjoying the music) he walked into the dining room and wrestled a chair, as tall as he was, to the front of the stage and sat right down to listen to more. Well, that seemed to seal the fate of the evening for all as everyone now wanted to know who was this little guy and moreover they were really listening! Little Jeremiah also placed a tip in the tip jar (surely from his mom) and promptly made clear what songs he wanted to hear next.

As stated earlier every time a performer takes to that stage it is an adventure and what an adventure that night. A roomful of people and a musician brought to new height on the shoulders of one so young. Jeremiah, thank you for bringing all of us closer that wonderful evening.

 Now, if you want to experience the fun and excitement of live music check out one of these well established eateries that host live music. As previously mentioned Lorenzo’s of in West Haven, CT., not only offers music but their food is great. The Original Antonio’s in Woodbridge  is a cozy restaurant with outstanding food and the wait staff and owner pride themselves on 1st class service. 39 Elm Street West Haven, CT (203) 932-5846 208 Amity Rd Woodbridge, CT (203) 397-8882


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  1. E says:

    A great moment and a great story.

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