Beer! and wine…

Okay, wait don’t take the heading the wrong way this is really about where to find both in goodly amounts and quality.  As a fan of both, and not really sure if there is an overall favorite,  scouting about for either or both is a favorite pastime. As such here are three, yes count them, three places to let you know about. 

If you happen to be a fan of wine (you know who you are) and you find yourself in the downtown New Haven area then you have to stop into Kelly’s Gastro Pub, located at 196 Crown St. They serve good food but more than that they have a great atmosphere. That is if you like to sit, have a bite, a cocktail,  or both, and carry on a conversation without yelling to be heard. There is a nice cozy fireplace and a favorite…a nice couch with comfy chairs on the side for good measure. Best of all, they don’t serve wine in those tiny glasses filled near the top, all to make it appear its a good pour. No, they serve their wine in a nice sized glass with a good healthy pour. If you go make sure to check out their specials of the week they have been known  to have some winners on that list.  Are you getting thirsty?

Now, if you’re in the same area, right up the street there is Cask Republic located on 179 Crown Street. If you are a fan of beer they certainly can help elevate your palate to a new level as they offer 53 draught lines, cask beers, gravity pin casks , and 80 plus bottled beers. Wondering what the difference is between cask beer and gravity pin?  Let’s try this explanation. Both are casks and are traditional vessels for dispensing beer or ale. However, while casks come in varying sizes pin casks only hold 4.5 UK gallons (yes U.K.) and are often found in smaller micro brew establishments. Moreover, pin casks are usually gravity driven which means no pumps (hand or gas powered). Another thing to note about cask beer… there are no phony tricks like color changing labels or shivering near frost bitten people to let you know when your beer is at optimal drinking temperature. And, just an FYI, cask beer should be refreshingly cool when quaffed, but one thing… it most certainly shouldn’t be is chilly.  Hey, look at that a beer lesson!

Lastly, but certainly not least…there is Jake’s Martini Bar and that, is located at 179 Center Street Wallingford, CT. Yes, I know it may be a little drive from where you are but, it is well worth the drive. They have a nice selection of beer, not huge, but nicely diverse as is their wine selection and well some very interesting martini’s.  Now if you go be forewarned it only says Jake’s on the front, maybe they ran out of room and couldn’t fit Martini Bar, who knows. But, go you should and certainly try one or both of these appetizers; Sea scallops wrapped with bacon with a wasabi dipping sauce oh was that good or steak tips perfectly cooked to order with a horseradish dipping sauce. As if that’s not enough they have a big ole room in the back with live bands! If your lucky you might catch the calypso band, quite groovy!  

Hey, if you know of someplace that’s deserving of a mention don’t hide it!


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One Response to Beer! and wine…

  1. Charles Kroopneck says:

    You learn something new every day.
    I am definitely going to check out a few of these spots.
    Thanks to A Fork and the Road, for the entertaining and insightful info.
    Keep it up.

    Charles kroopneck

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