Listening to paint dry!

Yes, everyone knows the winter is officially over and just as soon as this seemingly relentless rain is done we will get on with the business of spring and summer. But, just what will you do, how long before the sudden rush of warm weather fades and the questions start to rise what do you want to do today, this weekend, tonight?

 Funny how that happens don’t you think? Okay, many of you may be saying at this point are you kidding? Everyone has been waiting all winter for the long warm days there is no way we will run out of things to do especially after this past winter. Well, frequently people find themselves one way or another asking that very question, what do you want to do?

 Some may be fortunate to have big summer vacation plans; hopefully that lasts the summer, but more likely two to four weeks tops. Yes, there are the picnics, cookouts, pizza with friends etc. And, those mundane household chores like staining the deck, gardening, cutting the grass, and painting always seem to get put off until summer. Well, take heart you don’t have to just sit around listening to the paint dry! It is summer and you should be out there!  And, to help here are some things you may want to consider besides the prohibitive price of go go juice (gas)! 

Let’s start with the Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, June 11th – 25th. The mission of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas is to create a festival in New Haven with world-class artists, thinkers and leaders, attracting and engaging a broad and diverse audience celebrating and building community. And, New Haven plays host to the Festival which presents a series of unforgettable concerts, art activities, and opportunities for creative play, many of them for free.

How about a little Bluegrass? Ever been to a Bluegrass Festival or even listened? It’s live and it is fun. Moreover, if you go you are bound to hear something you will like that will broaden your horizon. The Blue Grass Festival at Strawberry Park in Preston runs from June 2nd – 5th. Strawberry Park is an award-winning 160 acre campground nestled in the heart of beautiful southeastern Connecticut, just minutes from Mystic Seaport and plays host to this really fun festival. They have over twenty bands that will be providing the as well as instrumental, vocal & songwriting workshops featuring the performing artists.

 Afraid that won’t get your tail feathers shaking then how about this. Not a week after Blue Grass comes the Cajun/Zydeco Festival at the same location. That line-up features a mix of Cajun & Zydeco dance bands, as well as some honky-tonk & swing.  Six bands will be making the migration north from the southern bayous, with additional regional performers from throughout the northeast.  This is the 15th annual festival and they will serve up music, food, and dancing and they have plenty of room for your dancing on two large dance floors and instructor to boot!

 Now if you live “out” west don’t feel like we don’t love you too, below are links to these festivals and one that covers the entire state.  Not to mention, we are just getting started and will have lots more for you to keep yourself busy this summer. If you do go, not that we don’t love you but please bring your better half!


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